The Warhost ▼

The Lions are the royal warhost of Albion, fabled land of chivalry and valour. Righteousness, honour, law – these are the watchwords of this unyielding band of heroes as they strive to keep the light of order from guttering in the darkness of a chaotic world.

The High Queen of Albion herself, wielder of Excalibur and Chosen of the Gods of Law, leads the Lions warhost. In her name, Lord Leofric, Knight Commander, marshals the resources and armies of Albion to strike against enemies near and far.

The Lions are typified by the chain-clad presence and glorious pennants of their knights. Whether they are a brotherhood forged in battle, a religious order committed to the Gods of Law, entitled nobles seeking glory or simply roving knights errant… regardless, far and wide the blades and blazoned shields of the Lions are cheered by their allies and feared by their foes. Yet the High King maintains eclectic company within his warhost and though the knights are arguably the most famous, they are certainly not the only arrow in Albion’s quiver. The Lions honour scribes, law keepers, scouts, priests and mages too, bound by oaths and as true to noble purpose as any sworn blade. Whether seeking aid or volunteering service, the greatest meeting place in the lands is acknowledged as the Round Table of the Lions. Here all are treated as equals and even the freshest face can learn and influence matters of state and war.

Albion, though largely a green and fertile island nation, is nonetheless troubled. Whether one hails from the troll marshes of Anglia, the bustling cities of Essex, the political hotbeds of Oxford, the stalwart borderlands of Bernicia, Deira’s undead-ridden forests or war-plagued Cornwall, the agents of evil and destruction lurk in every shadowed corner. Only the unbending vigilance of its myriad peoples keeps the ten kingdoms free from chaos.

To the common man, every man and woman of the Lions warhost is a hero. The simple truth is that the warhost is the Albion epitome of tenacity and righteousness, summarised in the Lions Prayer:

To this duty are all Lions beholden:
Only the weak lie, cheat and steal
We are not weak.
Only the craven would not aid a child or helpless creature
We are not craven.
Only the avaricious seek to gain through evil deeds
Our wealth is found elsewhere.
In this, and in the service of Albion
To stand against evil whereever it is found
We are the Lions
And we shall not Falter!