Faction Referees

The Faction refs are players who help the Command Team with the running of the Lions.  They write group plot, organise events, lead monster slots and referee in the battles.

The current faction referees are:

Tom Hancocks - "L'Oreal"  "Calista" (Lord Chamberlain, Francis Langton-Vaughan)

Tom has been in the Lions since he started LARP.  His previously played a scribe, Deckard Cain, who was responsible for chronicling the exploits of the Lions.  Tom now plays a member of the Royal Court, organises events and wears expensive bling.

Neil 'Nelly' Payne - "Special Bus" (Father Grimas, Templars)

Nelly owns a big jeep thing, He drives it like a madman and petrified the rest of the Lions ref team at renewal last year. He can also be found doing airsoft, He's a mans man.

Matthew Bradford - "Milkybar" (Sir Cadawyr, Templars)

Matt has been doing LARP for far longer than he thought, mainly at CP where he started in the Stormwolves in the Wolves, then the Kings Own in the Lions, a brief spell in House Daga of the Algaia and now back to the Lions with the Templars of Solkar.

Ron Martin - "Wheat-a-bix" (Sir Garwin, Templars)

Ron has been larping for half his life from Dragons Horde (El Pres of CP's first system), Dead Bandit (Apelords variation on DH), Lorien Trust and then onto Curious Pastimes when it was first formed. If he's not doing CP he also enjoys Gunfest, World Of Warcraft and Good Old Traditional Dungeons and Dragons (Less rules = more roleplay).

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Last Modified: 4 February 2010