Faction Camp

Command Pavillion

This is the focal point of the camp, where the monarchs hold court and receive visitors.  It is also used as a place to hold meetings and gatherings, from councils of war to entertainment for guests.  We make every attempt to dress the tents we use to make them more in keeping with the setting, hanging material from the walls and providing IC seating.  Just because it is an imposing set piece and filled with important people, don't be afraid to come in and talk with the people who hang about there!

Group Tents

Each group in the faction often brings a tent or two to the event.  They are used a a base for the group, somewhere to keep kit and weapons out of the rain, meet up with visitors or even just a place to keep food and drinks.  As with the Command Pavillion, we try and encourage groups to dress their tents to make them look more IC and less like a garden gazebo.  A few lengths of material can go a long way and also help in providing a bit of privacy.

Dressing the Camp

In order to make the camp more appealing to the eye, we have a large number of banners and drapes that can be used to hide unsightly tent walls and generally brighten up the camp.  We have also begun making wooden shields to hang up for further decoration.

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Last Modified: 9 August 2009