Kings of Albion

The names of the Kings of Albion, as recorded by the Norholt Library.

The Plantagenet Kings

Geoffrey, The Bretwala, First King of All Albion, House of Sussex and Essex

Edward, son of Geoffrey

Edmund, son of Edward

Robert, son of Edmund

The Trueheart Kings

Edward I, House of Oxford

Edward II, son of Edward I

John, younger brother of Edward II

Henry, youngest son of John

Edward III, grandson of Henry,

James, son of Edward III

Richard, son of James

David, second son of Carl, the uncle of Richard

Carl, son of David

The Stewards of Albion

Harold Pendragon of Oxford

Oswald Pendragon, Son of Harold

Fredrick Pendragon, Son of Oswald

Edgar Pendragon, Nephew of Fredrick

Ulric Pendragon, Son of Edgar

Arthur Pendragon, Son of Ulric

The Time of Strife - 1066 to 1094

Civil War in Albion - 1095 to 1096

The Trueheart's Restored - 1096

Carl, son of David (Second Reign) - 1096 to 1103

Elizabetta, wife of Carl - 1103 to 1106

The High King Returned

Tristian of Deira, son of David of York - 1108 to 1110

Chosen of Excalibur

Lucas Wren of Essex - 1110 to Present Day

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Last Modified: 29 July 2011