• Arcane Tempest - Albion's premiere ritual and mage unit, based on the Isle of Santia
  • Beasts of Bodmin - Ferocious creatures from the Moors in Cornwall
  • Blackmont Guard - A noble's household guard who travel with the warhost
  • Children of Horus - Alchemists and crafters from a distant land
  • Corpus Albion - Physicians and providers of the renowned Lions' hospitality
  • Hospitalliers - An order of warrior monks dedicated to Damacest, Goddess of Healing
  • Kindred - Elven knights and followers of Sastrines, Goddess of Nature
  • Knights Errant - A fraternity of knights from the fiefdom of Cumbria
  • Knights of the Lion - A knightly order from the wilds of Bernicia
  • Knights of the North - A knightly order dedicated to Drako, God of Justice
  • Knights Templar - An ancient knightly order dedicated to Solkar, based on the Isle of Apples
  • Men of Wessex - Men-at-arms in service to the Crown of Wessex
  • Oxford Court - Courtiers and nobles from Royal Oxford
  • Sanctum Dei - Followers of the Gods of Law from the Kingdom of Bernicia

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Last Modified: 27 July 2009